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Stop Cold Sores Before they Start, with LippEase™.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Preventing cold sores and fever blisters before they start? We've grown so used to waiting with dread for that familiar "tingling feeling" around our lips. Grown used to treating cold sores and fever blisters with over-the-counter ointments or prescription medications.

That changes today thanks to LippEase™, the all-natural supplement that helps stop cold sores before they start.

Too good to be true just became reality.

How Does It Work?

LippEase™ uses all-natural ingredients to help boost your body’s defenses and keep your lips clear, healthy, and kissable.

Just take ONE pill every four hours when you feel that familiar “tingling feeling”.

Our users are reporting complete freedom from cold sore outbreaks, significantly improving their quality of life and self-image.

So stop Treating cold sore symptoms and start Preventing them, with LippEase™.

My friend gave me his bottle of LippEase™ and I started taking it. I have not had a cold sore outbreak since then! The best part is, that now when I feel like I'm about to get a cold sore, I just take LippEase™ and I don't even get an outbreak! This product really works.

 - Bill  | Irvine, CA

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